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Impost on Industrialized Products


According to the Brazilian Federal Constitution, Art. 153, 3, this kind of tax will consider the essenciality of the product, being selective and variable according to the product, also will be non cumulative, which means that the previous payed tax in an step of the industrialization process can be used as an discount in the next step when the payment of IPI in this step. Also, the Federal Constituion states that IPI will not be charged on products made for exportation. This tax is charged when occurs the customs clearance and whom needs to pay is the importer, and when the product gets out the factory also exist IPI (Tax Code, Article 46). The calculation basis, e.g., in the national products, is the total amount of the operation until the exit of the factory (Decree 7.212/2010), and the percentage on the calculation basis shall be found in a table called TIPI (Table of the IPI). For example, a reader of bar code (TIPI, 8471.90.13) or a scanner (TIPI, 8471.90.14) has a rate of 15% on its value according the TIPI of the time when this text was wrote


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