Protection of Personal Data




§1. The humanity is passing for a very deep transformation on how we deal with our knowledge about ourselves and about our behavior in society.

§2. Nowadays, it is possible measure the human behavior in a so precise sense with social media mechanisms that Facebook can know better a heavy user than the own user or even Freud.

§3. You probably already give your most deep interests to Google – and who knows what you want know you, and, by consequence, can guides you.

§4. For further than the individual psychological issues, it is so clear the power of social media in the political elections around the World, that it is impossible to say that the codes of these social medias do not have public interest.

§5. Of course, one more time the economical power is winning. The companies and governments knows what is in your mind when you navigate on the Internet, but you don’t – and constantly you are being conditioned, without conscience.

§6. At the same time, there is a lot of persons that wants to be measured to find faster what satisfies their desires, because the life time is very short and by many other arguments. And many of these persons knows that they are not free to choose, and they are ok with that.

§7. At the end, data protection and privacy is a discussion about power. Who has the economical and political powers has the possibility of obtain and manipulate the data, has the possibility of secrecy and confidentiality. Did the users and citizens has the same possibilities? Of course not, and this is the weak reason for regulations on personal data and privacy are being enacted around the World. It is all about economy and the sovereignty power of the States.


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